Create a PDF postcards

You can create a postcard in three easy steps. First you must upload a picture (mandatory - *), but not bigger then 2MB. Let the width and height ratio be approximately 7/5 (1 : 1.4) or greater. Second step is not mandatory but if you don't want to write text by hand on postcard, you can input it here. In third step you will input general data about the person for which you create a postcard - also not mandatory.

Print your generated postcard, cut it up, glue a picture on the other side, add the postage stamp and your postcard is ready for sending.

If you are not satisfied with the look of the postcard, use the menu on the right to create a new one. Also, if you think this is usuful application you can send link to it to your friend.

Step 1.*

Choose a picture you want on the postcard (only with extension jpg or png):

(picture preview)

Step 2.

Input text (content or message on the postcard):

Step 3.

Input general data for the person to whom you are writing this postcard:

Last name:
First name:
Zip code and city:

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- Generated postcards are more appropriate for European countries then USA.